It’s never a convenient time to find you’re in desperate need of garage door repair. We often discover the tension of our springs has given out in the night, or the rollers have become unhitched, exactly the moment we’re in a hurry. When emergencies happen, it may be after regular business hours or early in the morning. That’s why you can utilize our emergency garage door repair services, any time! Precision Door offers 24/7 emergency garage door service for exceptional assistance and convenience.

Prompt Arrival Times

We’ll be there in no time to get your garage doors functioning again. We often take for granted the usefulness and necessity our garage doors offer until the moment they’re no longer working properly. In times of mishap, you need a reliable and prompt garage service team, ready at your beck and call. We offer superior expediency and ease when you most need it. The second you notify us of your situation, we’ll send one of our certified technicians to your home promptly. We can be there in a matter of minutes and access the situation, fully. Whether it’s a broken spring, unhinged panels, or more, we can fix the problem with efficiency and sensitivity in mind.

Holiday and After Business Hours

Most companies offer extended hours, but we’ll respond on special occasions, weekends, and holidays. In unforeseen incidences, we’ll arrive immediately and have your garage door repaired in little to no time at all. We understand the convenience and necessity your garage door serves, and will work proficiently to solve the problem, even on holidays!

Business or Residential Services

In the event your commercial garage door collapses or stops functioning, we can repair it all. Just give Precision Door a call, and our experts will be there to check it out. Whatever the emergency, we’re here to keep you, your business, home, and family safe. Our top concern is completing accurate repairs to get your life back to running smoothly again. With our emergency services, you can trust Precision Door has your every safety concern in mind.

Call Precision Door
for Emergency Repair Services

No matter the day of week, time of day, or occasion, when emergencies occur, you can trust Precision Door will answer your call. Our full service team will be ready to serve you, and make sure your garage doors are functioning the way they should. Call us anytime! For 24/7 emergency service, the only emergency garage door repair service provider is Precision Door.

Some of the problems we fix or replace include:

Door Off Track

If your door rollers are off the track, we can get your door on track and repaired quickly and for an affordable price.

Opener Repair

We perform opener repair on all major brands to keep your door opening and closing like it should.

Panel Replacement

If you have scratched, dented or damaged garage door panels, we provide repair or panel replacement.

Polypropylene 13-ball Rollers

Our Precision Rollers are made specifically for us and are tested by an independent testing laboratory to withstand 80,000 cycles with zero failures. They are simply the highest quality rollers on the market and will make your door operate quieter than ever.

Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Drums

Each 12’ Cable Drum has a lift weight capacity of 375 pounds. When you replace your old drums with these long-lasting models, the two of them combine for 750 pounds of lift power, strong enough for virtually all residential doors.

Noisy Garage Door

We can diagnose and repair your bent frames or sticking rollers to take care of your noisy garage door once and for all.

Spring Repair

When you find you’re in need of spring repair, utilize our emergency services. Bent springs, worn springs, or snapped springs can cause major damage to your garage door system. We understand how important having your torsion springs replaced is, and will arrive promptly for all spring repair and replacing. When emergencies hit, contact Precision Door for fast arrival times. Safety is our number one concern, and we’ll work proficiently to ensure your garage door springs function as they should. Our certified technicians can fix any spring problem to get you back to running normal. When emergencies hit, let Precision Door know, and our team will be there in no time to serve you.